WELCOME TO RECFIRSTAID LTD: t/a Rescue Emergency Care

Rescue Emergency Care Level 4

REC Emergency Care Series

Course Summary

Location Porterstown Scout Den

Student must hold a valid in date REC 3 or above and be over 18 years of Age

Booking link  Event Directory | Osier Hill Training (clr.events)

Developing further on the student’s previous training experience and using advanced first aid techniques over extended and prolonged durations


  1. To assess, monitor and record the casualties vital signs in complex emergency situations and react accordingly to changes in them


  1. To perform all necessary movements and procedures to stabilise and promote recovery of the casualty


  1. To monitor and react to the physiological wellbeing of the casualty, bystanders and other team members


  1. To anticipate, monitor and react to the both the environmental conditions and to changes in them that effect both the casualty and other team members


  1. To safely take charge at the scene of an incident, to direct the work of other first aiders and to communicate effect with both them and the rescue services, whilst constantly reassessing all of the above.